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Gooood morning!


If you had a tough night where you felt like morning was never going to come, congratulations!

You made it, love!

And not only did you make it, you surpassed it.

You’re such an incredible person with incredible potential.

Today, work that potential energy and become kinetic!

You’re electric!

Love you!

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What a beauty!

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Saturday was the first time my Curly Puff didn’t get destroyed by the weather of NYC. I love these pictures she took of me.

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"I’m Black, y’all!"

Cover the babies lord.

Black children are God’s gift.

These are important lessons. It may not seem like it but she’s learning to love her black skin and thats important

But wait this might be my favorite thing on this website

Wow, tumblr loves my baby lol

your baby is beautiful.

Thank you! ^_^

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Shannon and Josh’s New Orleans park wedding.

IG: greentangerinephoto


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There she waits looking for a savior
Someone to save her from her dying self
Always taking ten steps back and one step forward
She’s tired, but she don’t stop

Every day she stood, hoping for a new light
She closed her eyes and she had a smile voice say
You don’t stop, no, you belong to me
She cried, maybe it’s too late

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There are many people who positively face their inner discord, face the traumas of their lifetime, and deal with the current context in which they live. They are choosing the very challenging path of healing. It requires an awareness and acceptance of the truth. It is a daily practice of reminding oneself that life is a blessing, full of challenges, yet ours to live as we choose. This path also requires support from others in the community. It is more than a “me against the world.” It is a “together we will prevail.”

When the personal choice to live a healthy, positive lifestyle is combined with pro-active outreach to others, we begin the process of bringing wellness back into our communities. Our strength comes from the closeness in our healthy relationships with others. Many of our people simply need someone to listen to their stories and not judge them for what they have been through. Our compassion and empathy can go a long ways.

Reach Out and Come Together, Evon Peter (Gwich’in)

I needed this.

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